Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My new look!!

I am getting treated for lymphadema in my right arm. My arm was going numb and tingling every time I raised it up. Overall, it is only 2.5 cm bigger than the other arm. I guess I caught it early enough. But because of it I have to wear a wrap on my arm. I have included a photo of it. It is slowly going back down to normal size.
October 4, 2010!!! That is the day when I have my last treatment. It is also the day that I get the results of all of my scans, blood work, and cancer markers. Because of this I have been a little stressed out and not sleeping much. 10/04/10 seems like a long time away. Todd is taking the day off and going with me. I will update you as soon as I know something.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New News

O.k. I give….A month and half is way too long for all of you when it comes to an update. So not in any particular order is my new news…

1. Two rounds of Herceptin left.

2. Just had a Mugga Scan on Monday. I will get results on Tuesday.

3. My right arm as swollen up and they think it is the beginning signs of lymphadema. On Thursday I start therapy. As of now, my right arm is 2 cm bigger than my left.

4. My hair is getting so long….It looks just like my dad’s only black in color. My hair has grown in so thick. It is at the point where you cannot do anything with it.

5. On my mind a lot is the end of treatment. I am struggling with the idea that my life will no longer be control by my doctors.

6. My little sis is getting married in a month!!!

7. In the last month, a couple of my friends that I had treatment with have lost their lives to cancer. So I have struggled with their passing as well.

8. I decided the family should donate all the books about cancer to the library for someone else to use. When I talked to Campbell about she was very hesitate about it. She said she may need them again. I need to sit down with her and talk about some more.

9. The Journal and Courier called me and asked me to write six or seven paragraphs about my journey the last year. She asked me to include information about my cancer, my treatment, how it has changed me. Are you kidding me? How to I include all that information in such a little space? Wish me luck.