Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Journal and Courier

I posted awhile ago that the Journal and Courier asked me to write my story. I was in todays paper...Here is the story. Also if you have more time read some of the other amazing stories in that section.


Ovarian Suppression

Doc said that I must get my ovaries suppressed. This is due to the fact that my cancer is fed off of my female hormones. Eliminating estrogen and proestrogen will maybe push back a reoccurrence of my cancer. I have three ways I can do that: injection, radiation or removing them. After talking about my options with Dr. K and discussing it with Todd, I decided to have surgery. I went to one doctor. She pretty much told me I am too young to have this surgery. I believe she repeated the following phrase at least 15 times during my visit, “We don’t recommend it for women under the age of 55.” Todd tried to explain to her about my cancer but she basically looked at us like we were stupid.

So we went to another doctor. That visit went about as well. This doc was concerned about the symptoms I would be having and the risks involved in surgery. I tried to explain to both of the docs that whether I get them removed or have surgery I am going through menopause and will experience those symptoms (hot flashes, could develop osteoporosis or other menopausal symptoms). Doc #2 went so far to tell me that I should speak to my oncologist again. I said to her that I don’t need to talk with Dr. K because I already had a discussion with her about my options. I said you can talk with her because I don’t need to. I also told Dr. #2 that if she won’t do the surgery that I could go to Indy and find someone who understands why I am choosing the surgery.

On Monday, Dr. K called and we decided to try Dr. #3. I am meeting with him on Tuesday to have a consultation about getting my ovaries removed. Hopefully, this appointment is more productive then my last. Because of the delay of not finding a surgeon, I started injections of Zoledax (an ovarian suppression drug). This drug is put into your body by injecting a pellet under the skin in your stomach area. Before, this injection takes places I had to numb my belly with ice first. I was curious about the cost of this injection because it was required to get a pre-certification notice. The cost is $1000. I have to keep taking this drug every four weeks until I can get surgery scheduled.

October 4, 2010

My oncologist says that my scan shows no sign of cancer; just some damage from radiation which was to be expected.  I have been dancing and celebrating since.