Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week One Update.

What a crazy week!!! The chemo has been kind to me so far. I have been just a little nauseated. No hair loss yet. Thank goodness.

On Tuesday, I got a shot the nurse said was worth $6000 in my arm. Melinda and Campbell went with me. Campbell got the star treatment from the nurses. We figured it up and by the end of all this my arm will have been injected with $48,000 of medicine. How nuts is that? The injection is supposed to stimulate white blood cells.

On Tuesday night, mom, Melinda and I went and got my wig. As soon as Melinda sends me the photos I will post them. We had a great time. The American Cancer Society gave me the wig. I will then donate it back when I am done using it.

I went to my surgical oncologist today. The port incisions are healing well. Dr. Berg told me that my skin did test positive for cancer. So we know now that I do have Inflammatory Breast Cancer. (Breast Mass, Skin and Two lymph nodes are all positive).


Heather-Anne said...

I am dying for the picture of wig shopping.
Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on everything as this craziness swirls all around you.
I have decided that each time I post I will write a sort memory from our childhood.
Only was could create a game out of a giant bear rope and a staircase.

culvermr said...

I have sent Melissa the pictures, so I am sure they will be up the next couple of days. Heather - I am laughing hysterically!