Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My New Fake One

What interesting time it has been with the Fake One. I have learned that my cleavage starts really high on my chest. Shirts I was able to wear before I can no longer wear because it comes up like a normal breast does. I have stuck it to my skin only once since I got it. It actually stayed on the whole time; I worried about it falling out of my dress though. I had to keep reminding myself not to touch it.

The Wedding

Survived the wedding I was in this past week. I had to leave a little earlier than I would have liked because I was so tired. Then on Sunday I slept most of the day away. I also slept for 11 hours on Sunday and Monday nights. I really pushed my limits this weekend. I was worried that my fake one would fall out but it didn’t.

Other Random Things…

1. I am getting leg cramps. This past week I have woke up three times in the middle of the night with cramp in my calf. I scream out in pain and Todd wakes up and helps me get it out.

2. We celebrated Ham Bone’s fifth birthday. It is amazing how fun it is to have family and friends around.

3. Todd and I celebrated eight years of marriage. Amazing…I tell him he has become my Superman!!!

4. This past week a year ago is when I started to notice changes in my breast. Todd and I were on vacation celebrating seven years-we had heard that the seventh year of marriage is one of the hardest. So we decided to start the year of right with a mini vacation. If we would could have seen our future….what a hard year it has been for the both of us. This week has been very emotional.

5. One of my uncles was hospitalized this past week because his T-cell lymphoma is back. I sat with him last Monday. He has called me every month to see how I am doing. I hope I can be there for him and his wife during his treatment.


Last week I woke up to swelling in my chest. One of the scariest moments I have had since being diagnosed. I called the doctor and they did an exam. Doc said that she thought it was lympha dema but wanted to do a recheck on Monday the 14th to make sure. Last week was pretty rough for me, so yesterday when I saw the doc most of the swelling was gone. There was also no hard spots on my chest wall-which is a great thing because hard spots could equal cancer.


I had another treatment yesterday. Five more to go. Doc said that I will have a PET scan in October and another MUGA Scan in August and October. She said that I am NED ( No Evidence of Disease). Doc also said the magic count of years of survival start the day that you are told you have cancer. So I am only a few weeks away from one year.

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Tammy said...

Thanks for being so candid and sharing your journey with so many people. We're still rooting for you at the Loew house and are glad that things are looking up. And happy anniversary (actually anniversaries) to you!