Monday, January 10, 2011



Christmas was emotionally for me. I cried a lot over the holidays. I believe it is because I am starting to realize how much I really truly missed over the last year and half. I was at my dad’s on Christmas Day and was looking out the window at my family playing in the snow and sledding. Thinking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful response to treatment.


I just cannot believe the progress I have made and how much better I feel. I still get tired easier than I should and I struggle with my words every now and then. It is funny because I used to talk so fast and now if I start talking too fast I make no sense and I forget my words.

I am also worried about reoccurrence. I have been thinking a lot about it..worrying about how many more Christmas’ I will have. It has been almost a year since my breast was removed. The stats say the first two years are critical when it comes to inflammatory cancer. In that last few weeks I have heard of a couple woman whose cancer has come back. I had an oncology appt. last week. We talked about reoccurrence. She said explained to me what I should look for….other than that I see her again in April.

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