Sunday, February 6, 2011

My decision!

I have been asked about my decision to become a stay at mom. My cancer has not come back..but it has changed me so much. I realized that working I cannot give my kids the memories I want to give them. I cannot control when the cancer is going to come back but I can control what I do with my life in between those times. My docs tell me that the next few months are very critical as far as reoccurance (80% chance in the next year.) I don’t want to look back and think I should have spent more time with my kids.


More than Survival said...

God's math is NEVER the same as the Docs!! With God ALL things are possible!!!!!!! Believing for COMPLETE and forever healing!!!

La Mama Loca said...

I cannot believe someone would question your choice!!

You will never regret spending time with your kids! God has blessed you with the two of them and you want to enjoy making memories with them!

Haha you can go completely crazy and decide to homeschool them too! I missed my kids so much when they were going to school. Now, while there are a few days they drive me batty, I love spending every day with them. I know so much more about them, how they learn, what they like, where their strengths and weaknesses are. Hopefully they aren't sick of me yet!

Hugs my friend! You are so strong and courageous! You always have been and I'm sure you always will be...this cancer can't take you down!


Kathleen said...

You are doing the best thing possible. :)