Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Update

I had my second chemo treatment on the 10th of August. Emotional I really struggled on Monday and Tuesday. Then I talked with my "sista" and realized that the doc's didn't tell me anything I don't already know. So, I felt much better. I worked every day during the week. I was exhausted by the time I got home but was able to do it. Which I must say is much better then sitting at home thinking.

This weekend was rough. On Saturday, it took all of my energy to just walk to the bathroom. But I made it to church on Sunday. Then just took it very easy the rest of the day. Thank goodness I am not nauseated.

I have a throat biopsy scheduled for Friday August 21st at 8 a.m. They are going to make sure these abnormal cells on my throat are not cancer. When the E.N.T. Doc looked at them in the office, he thought they were fine. For me that was not good enough, I am making them doing a biopsy for peace of mind. It will take a few weeks to get the results. I will post them.

My daughter is so cute!!! On Saturday she looked at me and said "Mommy I wish you did not have cancer!". I told her I wished I didn't have cancer too. And that was the end of the conversation. Over all, she is handling it well. It is hard for her to understand how medicine that heals you also can make you tired.

Please keep praying. In a few weeks, we will have another mammogram to make sure that the treatment is working.

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