Monday, August 31, 2009

Chemo Update

My chemo doc (Dr. Kakani) told me today because I am HER2 + I have to have a year of a drug called Herceptin. HER2 + means that you have this antibody in your body that is bad. This drug Herceptin is started with my fifth round of chemo and continued for 12 rounds every three weeks. Herceptin can be taken at the same time that I have surgery. I have heard that your hair can grow back while on this drug.

We got Campbell's doll (Kimmie's Care Doll). She has already named it and took it to church on Sunday. Today she fought me for a bandanna. I gave in and let her wear it and I picked a new one.

Today I am feeling tired. But I can handle it.


Melanie said...

what did she name the doll? I think it's cute that she wants to wear a bandana too!

Melissa said...

She named it Halle.