Monday, October 12, 2009

Chemo Round Number 5

Melinda brought me to chemo today. She said she wanted to experience it with me.

Below is what I have learned:

#1: Chase two weeks ago moved my port. Poor Nurse Jackie had to really work my port to get the infusion started. It was the most pain I have experience to date.

#2: My mugga scan showed a decrease heart function from 71% to 56%. This means they will monitor my heart function now every 2 months instead of every 3 months.

#3: Dr. Kakani said that I need an x-ray on my hip. So today after treatment I will go get an x-ray.

#4: My infusion will last a lot longer than those in the past. The drugs are taxotere and herceptin. Each drug today will take at least an hour and half each. After today, an hour each. They are also going to put a blood pressure cuff on me during one of my drug treatments.

#5: Doc confirmed that the lymph nodes are shrinking. She believes I now have calcifications in my breast. She sounded positive about it.

I will update you on the x-ray later.


Kyle Park said...

Glad to hear the nodes are still shrinking. Stay strong.

Melanie said...

Glad to hear good news!

Tammy said...

Melissa: Are your friends aware that they can sign up for the Komen Tissue bank to donate healthy breast tissue to assist in breast cancer research?
They're coming to Lafayette on November 7. I'm signed up. If anyone else wants to do that as well, here's the site.