Monday, October 19, 2009


Doctor's appointment today. White blood cell count is too low. Dr. K prescribed antibiotics just in case I get sick. She also said that I have to stay away from sick people for a week. I asked her if I could still go to the play (Mama Mia!!!) and she said yes. I think she knew I would be really upset if she told me no.

This past round Dr. K opted to not give me the nulasta shot since I did so well in Round's 1-4. Now, since my count is so low, I have to get it again for the rest of the rounds.

They had problems accessing my port again, Chase hit it so hard that day. Dr. K said that when they take my breasts the surgeon could fix it if necessary. The poor nurses end up having to push on my chest after the "stabbing" to get the i.v. started.

This weekend was an emotional roller coaster. I called what I had chemo rage. Would not have gotten the award for Mother of the Year. I think Chase, Campbell and I ended on the floor a couple of times just crying. Then we baked cookies with chocolate and peanut butter chips in them. Then Campbell and I decided to make a crust less pumpkin pie. They both got up on the chair next to the bar and helped measured ingredients. It was so cute.

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