Friday, October 16, 2009


O.k. Here is the latest....

1. X-ray was negative. Dr. K ordered a bone scan for the 22nd of October just as a precaution.

2. One more week till Mama Mia!!!! I am so excited. I bought tickets for a myself and a friend in May. I can't wait to dance and sing to ABBA tunes.

3. The new drugs have made me extremely sore!!!! Today I felt a little better. I just can not wrestle with the kids.

4. I got a grant from the . It is an organization that gives breast cancer patients money for certain services. Todd and I selected housekeeping. We met our lady last night. I can't not wait for her to get started. It will be such a relief for Todd and I. One less thing to worry about.

5. I also got selected for a program called . I got two chemo angels who send me cards and encouraging words for the next few months. Will explain more at a later date.

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Tammy said...

That's great that someone will be coming into clean your house. The services are there for a reason and it's good to hear that you are using them. Enjoy!

I'll be at Mama Mia on Wednesday. Can't wait!