Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New News!!!!!

I am so excited to share my news with you!!!  I am going to be a stay at mom.  I put my notice in and on January 28 will be last day.  I cannot wait to more involved in my kids lives. 
My decisions has been solidafied when I found out that three women in the last week have had a reoccurance of Inflammatory Breast Cancer or recently diagnosed with IBC and are terminal.


res1hsch said...

I am sorry to see you go but am very happy for you to get to spend this time with your family. We haven't got to know each other well, but it's easy to see you are a strong and truly amazing woman. All my best wishes go out to you and you better keep in touch!

Nancy said...

Hey Melissa, Nancy here (kettle corn Nancy). I heard you had resigned and feared the worse. I'm glad to get back to your blog to catch up with you and see that you are doing well.
I'm sorry we won't be seeing you in an official capacity, but truly hope you will come by to visit us at the market. You've become a friend over the years. You're a brave, inspiring and positive force...don't forget it!