Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Never Forget Your Hat..

I walked in the sitter's house to pick up the kids. After being there a few seconds I realized that the kids were staring at me. I thought to my self that is really odd. I then realized that I didn't have my hat on my head. OOPS!!!

One little girl was really staring. So I bent down to Taylor's level, and told her that the medicine I take makes me lose my hair. I asked her if she wanted to feel my head. She said yes and told me it felt rough. I asked her if I look like Campbell's daddy and she said yes. I think they were all shock and I hope that me making light of it won't give any of them nightmares.

Then tonight my step dad and mom came over. I told them that story. My step dad says, "Well when I pulled into your drive way, I thought it was Todd sitting in the chair. Then I looked closer and realized it was you" . .Again, they do say you start to look more like your spouse the longer you get married. I just thought it would take longer than seven years.

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Abalicious said...

Good thing Todd is such a good looking guy!!