Thursday, September 10, 2009

Acts of Randomness!!!

Act #1 Tongue swelled up last night. O.k. only the right side of my tongue swelled up. When I told Todd that it swelled he told me it was probably a popcorn kernel; until he looked at it. Called the Doctor she prescribed Mary's Magic Mouthwash. I hope it is really magic.

Act #2 Cried at church on Sunday. I saw all these people with Melissa's Crusaders shirts on and lost it emotionally.

Act #3 Today I went to Bonnie's to drop off the kids. The little girl from yesterday, looked at me again. I took my hat and asked her if she wanted to touch my head. She said no! Then as I was leaving I heard her run to Bonnie and say, "she still doesn't have any hair!!"

Act #4 I went to the bathroom at the office on 629 North 6th (where only women work). I went to sit down and ended up in the toilet bowl. I yelped then started to laugh so hard my belly hurt. I came out and our Health Officer said, " That was my bad!". The poor man was so red faced.

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Melanie said...

Evan LOVES his t-shirt. He wants to wear it everywhere.