Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ten Things I Need To Remember....

1. That I cannot change the outcome of my mammogram on Monday.(Please Pray!!!)

2. That it is o.k. to ask for a chair and sit down.

3. That I will probably cry everytime I get news that someone else has got diagnosed with breast cancer. Then cheer when I find out that it is not Inflammatory.

4. That I will get letters from people I have never met and the letters will make me cry.

5. That I love watching people make fools of themselves dancing on T.V. and it is o.k. to laugh out loud to yourself.

6. That people do really mean well and have wonderful spirits.

7. That sitting down and watching my kids play is o.k. and that I don't have to play with them every second of the day.

8. That is important to pray.

9. That Mary's Magic Mouthwash really does work on mouth sores and I need to use it every day. Not quit after the sores go away....

10. That brushing your teeth with a light up toothbrush is really cool even when you are 34. Especially when you turn out the lights in the bathroom.


Melinda said...

Got a little tear in my eye and a giggle - that is why I love you so much Melissa. We are praying!

Melanie said...

Amber Walker was asking about you yesterday. She said they miss you! She's so nice..and fun. I've never really talked to her before.
Loved your list. I agree with Melinda, it make me laugh and teary at the same time!
I'll never quit praying for you! I know it's powerful!!