Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reasons Why I Am Choosing to Be One Mammy Melissa!!!

Todd and I met with Dr. Kennedy today.  After discussing my options with her, we decided I would be better off removing only my right breast and lymph nodes.  Surgery has been set for January 4, 2010.  We will have a day of testing and meeting with other docs before then and to learn more specifics about what to expect.  We also talked with her social worker about Campbell and got some great ideas.

Below is the reasons why we decided to go with a single vs. double:

1.  Breast Cancer does not "jump" sides. Since I have no mutation of my gene it is not imperative that I get it removed right away.
2. If the left breast is removed during the January date. Dr. K would have to remove a lot of skin to make it look right.  If this was done, the reconstruction surgery would be more painful and I would not have a lot of options for the left side.
3. I can still get removed when I reconstruct my right one later in 2010.
4. It gives Todd and I more time decide what to do. 
5. Keeping the left breast still gives me some kind of feeling in it.
6. Easier to recover from single vs. double.  Plus I can still hold my babies, play games and wipe my own butt.

I am sure there are other benefits but I am in the car on the way home and I need a nap.

The only disadvantage is that I will now be called One Mammy Melissa and I have to still wear a bra!!!

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Tammy said...

January isn't too far off. That is really positive news!