Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Adventures of Melissa

Round Seven was on Monday.  It was Doctor appointment date overload.  Dr. K leaves on vacation so I had to schedule everything for the next two rounds of chemo (blood tests, mugga scans, chemo's and more blood tests) on Monday.  Dec 14th is the last really rough round of chemo. Then I start back up on January 11th with Herceptin only for 8 more rounds.  Meet with radiation oncologist on January 25th. In hopes we can start radiation in February.

In a classic Melissa move, I fell up the stairs of the library on Tuesday.  I was trying to turn off my cell phone because it was ringing.  I wasn't paying enough attention and missed a step.  My phone ended up opening up so I sat on the steps talking to my sister.  It must have been a loud fall because the library lady ended up coming and checking on me.

The family went to the Frontier Basketball game last night.  We were able to support the boys in our youth group.  I think it may be the only time we can go...with all of my treatments.

Looking forward to relaxing on Thursday and attempting to shop on Friday.

Have a great Thanksgiving from the Pekny family.

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