Thursday, December 31, 2009

A huge setback

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my blood draw (to get ready for surgery). When I was there I showed the nurse my site where my port used to be.  She thought it didn't look right so she sent me to the doc. The Doctor agreed and sent me to get a dopplar of the site.  They found a blood clot.  So now I am getting injections in my belly every day for five days. They started me on a blood thinners. 

Dr. Kennedy has cancelled my surgery for Monday.  Todd and I go and see her on Monday.  They will repeat the dopplar in hopes that the blood clot is responsing to the drugs. Then we will reschedule surgery.  Dr. Kennedy is hoping they can do it on January 11th. 

I just ask that all of you say extra prayers for myself and the family.  It has been a very emotional few days. As I know more I will continue to post.

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