Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Troubled Port

Since I last blogged, I had just finished round 8! We went north to celebrate Christmas with the Pekny’s. We had a great time and the kids were spoiled by all their relatives. It amazes that Campbell has a natural tendency to be with Uncle Kyle and Chaser won’t let Uncle Jay go. I guess their personalities fit with their Godfather’s the best.

The taxotere turned me into an old lady again but that was it for side effects. Unfortunately, today I woke up and my port “tubing” was hard, and the skin was hot to touch. Over the weekend I had some issues with pain around where my port is under my skin. I called the surgeon who put the port in and was told by his nurse: that I could either go the E.R., get an appointment with another Doc on Wednesday, or call the Cancer Center. I opted to call the Cancer Center. They got me in right away. While I was sitting there waiting to see the Doc at the Cancer Center, the nurse from the other place called and said that I should be put on antibiotics and that she knew I got into Cancer Care Doc. At that point I was so frustrated, I handed my cell phone to Cancer Care Nurse. Then started to cry (I just feel like I got the run around from the surgery nurse) She graciously handled it for me. Cancer Care Doc ended up prescribing antibiotics and order two blood tests to rule out infection. I go back tomorrow to see Cancer Care Doc, at that time, they will hopefully know if it is an infection or an irritated port. Cancer Care Doc when then figure out if I need to be referred to Surgeon to get my port removed. Please pray that we can get this figured out soon. Delaying my surgery would stink!!!

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