Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Four Appointments and A Snow Storm

On Monday, Todd and I set out on a day full with four appointments. For the first appointment we went to the torture room (i.e.: therapy). There the torture woman brutalized my chest, back and armpit. By torture, I mean she stretches my skin in those areas. Then she takes her fingers and runs them down these lymph cords that have developed which happens to be PAINFUL. She taught us a few more stretches to do at home and she taught Todd how to strum my cords. She even gave me souvenirs: a large kidney bean and small kidney bean shaped pad that I am suppose to wear under my armpit. Then told me to buy a sports bra to keep the pads in place. I laughed but I bought a useless bra for the purpose of holding the stupid thing in place. Why I need a bra that will make my una-boob look even worse is beyond me?

Number two appointment was with radiation. I got my mold made and the way they make it is really cool. They have this round plastic thing filled with air and Styrofoam beads. They form it around my upper body then take the air out. I am in a position that you would see in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit addition; my arms above my head and my head turned to the left almost touching my shoulder. They took a picture of me in this pose, too. I will get into this position every time I go for radiation. Then Dr. Scully came in and used Sharpie Marker on me. She drew all over my chest. When she was done, it looked like Campbell had drawn all over me. I thought it was so cool, I made Todd come in and check out the room. It is huge and looks like it belongs in a space station. The RT told me that the room I was in is similar to the room that I will be in for radiation.

Number three was at the Imaging Center. The RT meet Todd and I over there. She brought my mold with her. I had to lay down on my mold. It took me several minutes to find the right spot. You have to get into that same position and if you don’t it is UNCOMFORTABLE. Then the RT took a green marker and wrote on my chest again. I had a CT Scan to make sure everything will line up. Then they informed me that I have to keep these green X’s on my chest in till Monday. They put this tiny circle sticker on top of them to try to keep them from fading. If they fade I have to go back to the Center and they will remark me. When Campbell saw it she said, “That is weird Mommy!”. I hope she doesn’t get any ideas.

Last appointment was with Dr. Kakani and Herceptin. Dr. Kakani talked to me about the study. We decided to do the study that I blogged about earlier. I was so tired by this time that I fell asleep during my IV drug. Nurse Jackie was so awesome. She turned off lights and left me alone. Afterwards, I made a comment about needing to bring my photos of my boob voyage party with me. She said that would be good and told me that she likes me a lot better when I am my usual self. I promised that I will be not so tired.

On Tuesday, the roads were not very good so I stayed home. The kids wanted to go to Bonnie’s and not stay home. So I was home alone and decided to have a pity party. I needed it! I figure if I do this every now and then it is o.k. I just need to make sure I snap out of it. I did and am now good to go. Waiting for the Radiation people to call me about scheduling my appointment is nerve wracking. I am sure once I get started I will get good to go.

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