Friday, February 12, 2010

Seven New Tattoos!!!

Today I had my pre radiation meeting at the cancer care center. I thought I was going to get x-rays..what a dummy I am. Not only did I get x-rays, I also got seven new tattoos. I never thought I would be so brave. The RT tattooed me by wiping the ink on my chest then using a needle to permanently put the ink in place. Besides the tattoos I also got more Sharpie marks and some bright blue paint pen on my chest too. Radiation is set for every Monday – Friday for the next six weeks.The RT explained to me about the care of the treatment site and putting on the cream.  So I should be a set.  I am really nervous about this radiation thing more so than chemo.

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Dave Armstrong said...

Well, all you need now is a Harley and you'll be set to go! :-)