Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things I Have Learned Part 2 and Good News Not Related to Cancer.

1. There is a reason they make bras with pouches…so your fake one won’t fall out!!! The fake one keeps turning in my bra and has peeked out and fallen out this past week.

2. Don’t make jokes at the expense of your friends. Accidently hurt a friend this week, due to a joke being taking seriously. Not a good thing.

3. When they say don’t talk in the radiation room they mean it. I started to ask questions the other day about what exactly they were doing and the radiation guy was “Don’t move!! We will answer your questions after it is all over.” I thought oh boy I am in trouble. He did answer my questions at the end.

4. They are radiating my chest from my breast bone over to my back/humorous head then two inches under my mastectomy line to the middle of my neck. So far so good no skin damage right now.

My Good News

Two people in my life are getting married!!! I am a Matron of Honor in one wedding and Campbell will be a flower girl. We also found out my sister in law Sara is pregnant!!! I am going to be an Aunt. Plus two of other dear friends are also expecting babies.

It has been interesting looking for dresses though. We have to work around the fake boob. So no V-necks or plunging neck lines for me:)


Mary said...

FYI: I wish someone would design beautiful dresses with mastectomy pouches, especially for special occasions. I have been trying to get my sister to do this. Also: Lands End has some cute Mastectomy bathing suits. Check it out. I just got one. Mary from Ohio(Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor)

Tammy said...

P.S. Melissa - she's not referring to me. We have another sister, a talented one...