Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2 - Hospital Stay

First, I would like to start with some positive news from yesterday. On surgery day, Mom, Jerry, Dad, Gina, Todd and I all wore our "Melissa's Crusaders" t-shirts. We received multiple comments and smiles throughout the day. It was really great because it was easy to see that Melissa had her own little cheering section. It was also nice for us to have the many blessings from all of you with your hundreds of texts/facebook comments, this was source of strength throughout the day!

A few more little tidbits from yesterday.

#1 - There was a very sweet girl named, Shannon, that spoke to the family early in the day and asked who Melissa was and commented on how great it was that we were all here showing our support. Unbeknown to us or Shannon, she would meet the "infamous Melissa" (Shannon's words) , as she was the one that brought Melissa to her room after surgery #1. It was great, Melissa had no idea how famous she had become while in surgery.

#2 - Somehow through all the stress and "hiccups" Melissa maintained her smile and even thanked the staff for getting her back into surgery. Melissa never ceases to amaze, as we were on the edge of our seats, she is smiling and thanking the staff for fitting her in.

#3 - Actually got to meet Dr. Kennedy in person! I was so happy about this, she and her staff are angels on earth!

Melissa is now nearing the end of day two in the hospital, I am very pleased to say that day two has been quieter and much more calm than surgery day. Melissa is no longer hooked up to oxygen or an IV and was able to walk a little bit today. She also sat in a chair and posted some comments on facebook as well. Currently the pain has not been too terrible, but we all know that will change as time goes by. Dr. Kennedy has been in twice today and probably will be back one more time. The Social Worker from Dr. K's office came by today, she is a 3 year survivor, she is very compassionate and wanted to see if Melissa needed anything. Melissa did have a few visitors today, but has mainly been trying to rest, which we all know is much needed. One more thing that touched me today. The lady that brought Melissa's lunch today, said that Melissa just glows, and that she could see her strength. Even though Melissa did not ask for this to happen, she continues to fight through with grace and will continue to do so.

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