Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Fake One and Updates!!

On Saturday I decided to wear my fake one for the first time.  I put it in the bra and realized that it is perky and mine is saggy.  I was in a panic so Todd called the Morgan's and Katie came to the rescue.  She brought tape and another fake one.  For fifteen minutes we worked to get the fake one saggy!!!  How funny is that :) We finally got it so it didn't look so different.  The biggest problem was the fake one kept crawling up and felt like it was hitting me in the chin. And the real one kept sagging!!!  

On Monday..I went and met my radiation doc.  There was so much information that she went over.  It lasted two hours.  She explained that she wants to see skin changes on my chest; which means that my skin will look like it has been sunburnt.  The radiation will be from my neck to the middle of my ribs from the middle of my breasts to under my arm pit.  It looks like it will be Monday through Friday for five to seven weeks. 

On Tuesday, I went to therapy and was told my muscles on my chest wall is to tight.  I have to start therapy to loosen up those muscles.  The exercises are not very much fun.

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