Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Information

We went to the Cancer Care yesterday and Dr. Kennedy called.  At both places we received a lot of information (new and old) about the cancer.

1. Lymph nodes were negative
2. Skin and nipple negative.
3. Cancer mass started out as 5 cm when removed was .2 cm (which is the size of a tip of pin).
4. Pathology Report stated this is a stage one cancer...which means that the chemo has worked. Even though path says stage one; my cancer is still stage three C. 
5. We will continue to be treated as having Stage 3c cancer.
6. Dr. Kakani stated that it is like being 99% cancer free. Dr. Kennedy stated this is not the results of someone with a poor prognosis. 
7 Pet Scan scheduled in two weeks to rule out cancer in other places.
8. Got information about a clinical trail involving tamoxfin.  A drug I have to take for five years.  Todd and I need to look over all the information before deciding.
9. Drains will be getting removed on Friday.  They are really annoying and not allowing me to sleep very well. Range of motion in my arm is also inhibited because they are still in. 
10. Due to my port being removed, discussed with Dr. Kakani about when to get a new one.  I have 7 more rounds of herceptin; which is given through an IV.

Description of what Herceptin is:

TRASTUZUMAB (tras TOO zoo mab) is a monoclonal antibody. It targets a protein called HER2. This protein is found in roughly 25 to 30 percent of breast cancers. By interfering with this protein, this medicine can stop cancer cell growth. This medicine may be used with other cancer treatments.

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Tammy said...

Thank you for keeping everyone up to date and so informed about what is going on.

I'm glad to see there are options available for you. I don't know if Mary ever shared her IBC treatment with you, but her mastectomy was followed by six weeks of radiation.

Keep it up!