Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Test Results and My Stay At Home

Mary Jane from Doc's office called and informed us that all 16 lymph nodes removed were cancer free. Which means all the chemo drugs worked.  Still waiting on other path reports.  We did find out how much the breast tissue weighed that they removed and Todd wants to start some type of poll.  Look for that either on the blog or facebook.

Today I took a shower and the bandage fell off.  I yelled at Todd because I was emotional wreck.  It is getting easier but it is still shocking.  Wondering how to example to Campbell why I look like I do.  Like the wonderful husband he is..he said you are still beautiful.  I check it out again and there are no stitches.  Just a straight line incision with some pretty purple and yellow bruising. Mom came over and hung out with me today.  She did not cry in front of me when she saw it; so it must not be that bad. Over all, I just feel tired and very sore.  The exercises I have to do with my arm are exhausting and I still tire very easily. 

We have had a few visitors and some really great food.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers.  We are almost half way through this crazy journey.


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