Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Crusader's and Boob Voyage!!!

Today at church all the members who bought Melissa's Crusaders shirts wore them today.  Even my pastor preached from the pulpit with it on.  At the end of the service, they gave the whole family bracelets that say "leap for the cure". Then, they did a prayer circle for me.  I cried!! I won't even lie about it.  Since Todd and I have been members (only four years), I have never been in a circle prayer like was amazing.  Just what I needed to today.

Last Saturday night, I invited several of the women in my life to say, "Boob Voyage" to the right breast.  An amazing night but not for the shy:)  We had name tags made from boob imprinted paper.  There were pink streamers, boob balloons, boob suckers, and boob gummies decorating the room.  We played pin the nipple on the boobs, name all the slang terms for  boobs that you can and make as many words as you can from breast cancer.  I laughed so hard. My friend Katie found on the Internet a list of slang terms for boobs that had 90 slang words on it.  I ended up reading some of the out loud; they were so funny.  The girls gave me a book that had pictures of 90 of the 300 Melissa's Crusaders in it and a card that sings "I Will Survive".  For those on facebook, there are photos posted on my page.

I am writing this from the hotel the night before my surgery... Todd and I have been amazed by the support we have received over the last six months.  Tomorrow is just another step in this journey of mine.  We feel lucky and gracious for all of our friends and family who have and will continue to support us during this long journey of ours.  I am ready for this next step...with all of you by side it will make it so much easier. 

The biggest problem I had this week is that I couldn't figure out what to pack. No way can you ever remember all that you need. Yes, I did remember my new bra with the new fake breast, though!! Besides the bra, I brought my Melissa's Crusaders photo book, a picture of my kids, and my "I Will Survive!" card.  Another friend of mine gave me a rubbing coin that says Survivor on it.  I plan on holding it tomorrow morning until they say it is time.  The only other problem that I am having is I am becoming one of my youth group boys and becoming addicted to my Wii.  I played for five hours the other day and Todd and I played unitl 11:30 p.m. last night.

My sister will update tomorrow and let you all know what the outcome is...say a prayer for me around 8 a.m.

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